From the ground to the kitchen table

L’Ortolana is characterized by a high degree of expertise, with the primary rule of following the product from selection to delivery, going through packing and shipping. Its multi-year experience guarantee speed, precision and a capillary diffusion for deliveries. Once the product has been selected and picked it is washed, cut and packed according to the customer’s requests. Shipping, which is performed several times a week even for smaller loads, is extremely quick and effective thanks to a staff team in charge of logistics. The tran- sport takes place strictly on refrigerated trucks at a control- led temperature. The freshness of the product is thus protected thanks to a relay transport system, which guarantees a fast delivery, accurate and with no delay. The whole process, from harvest to delivery, takes place within 48 hours. This is how we export the genuine taste of our land.

Forty-seven years of work and experience at the customer's service

Over forty-seven years, the Filetti Family’s work and dedication have allowed L’Ortolana to become a leader in its field which, thanks to its organization and management of transport, reaches the greatest mar- kets of Northern Europe on a daily basis, allowing customers’ tables to be served with fresh and high quality products. For this to happen, L’Ortolana’s products are carefully selected during harvest. Each product is subject to full traceability, available for perusal to buyers and customers. This is the true and profound meaning of the slogan "From the ground to the kitchen table".