Certified quality throughout the year

L’Ortolana offers its customers an extremely wide variety of products, where the distinguishing features of the careful selection are genuineness, quality and freshness. Quality is one of the strengths that L’Ortolana has achieved through an extremely strict and accurate selection policy for producers. All products are certified by GLOBALGAP, GRASP, BRC Food, IFS Food and by various analyses which are performed on all the various harvests, all documentation of which is available to customers in any moment they may request it. The company’s mission is the quest for excellence, which has brought a constant improvement of products and an expansion of the range offered. L’Ortolana selects the leading producers from various Italian regions. Here are some examples: from Campania Region (spring onion, trocadero lettuce, cauliflower, fennel, escarole endive, baby leaf, melon and more), from Lazio Region (Turnip cabbage, white and red mooli, mairüben, carrots, red radish, zucchini, kiwi, watermelon and more) and from Puglia Region (Table grapes, dill, and more).

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